After recess, Congress faces critical agenda (9:05)

Todd Metcalf, Mark Prater
Monday, February 26, 2024

Todd Metcalf and Mark Prater discuss the March 1 deadline to fund the federal government, its potential impact on the House-passed tax package and the upcoming State of the Union address.

Todd Metcalf, Principal, PwC’s Tax Policy Services Practice
Mark Prater, Managing Director, PwC’s Tax Policy Services Practice
Sindhu Blume, Host, Policy on Demand
Scott McCandless, Host, Policy on Demand

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PwC’s Pillar Two Country Tracker (Updated 02/12/23)

- February 26: Senate returns from its Presidents Day recess.
- February 26 - 29: The World Trade Organization holds ministerial conference in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
- February 27: President Biden hosts a White House meeting with Congressional leaders to discuss government funding.
- February 28: House returns from its Presidents Day recess.
- February 28 - 29: G20 finance ministers meet in Sao Paolo, Brazil.
- March 1: Four FY24 appropriations bills scheduled to expire.

- February 27: Michigan presidential primary election.
- March 2: Idaho Republican presidential caucuses.
- March 2: Missouri Republican presidential caucuses.
- March 3: The District of Columbia holds presidential primary.


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