Latest on OECD project; What’s next after debt limit deal? (7:22)

Will Morris, Rohit Kumar
Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Will Morris shares the latest on Pillars One and Two, including the staggered implementation of Pillar Two and recent US developments.

Rohit Kumar dives into the debt limit agreement reached over the weekend and walks through what’s next and addresses taxpayer concerns.

Will Morris, PwC’s Deputy Global Tax Policy Leader
Sindhu Blume, Host, Policy on Demand
Scott McCandless, Host, Policy on Demand

In case you missed it, watch:
Week in Review with Todd Metcalf

For more on global tax policy developments, see our WNTS Insight: House Republicans introduce bill responding to Pillar Two and unilateral taxes

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Happening this week:
- The Senate returns from a one-week recess following the Memorial Day holiday.
- House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith (R-MO) and other Ways and Means Republicans are expected to travel to Paris and Berlin to meet with the French and German finance ministers as well as OECD officials to discuss the OECD's global tax agreement.
- The Senate Foreign Relations Committee will hold a June 1 business meeting to consider a proposed US-Chile income tax treaty.
- The Senate Budget Committee will hold a May 31 hearing on the debt limit.


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